Let’s face it, a webcam presentation alone won’t replicate the energy & impact of a live event. So we’re leveraging our  collective years of experience connecting & inspiring distributed teams to help deliver extraordinary virtual events..



You’re a leader and an obstacle-crusher

When you see a problem, you’re drawn to it – eager to pull it apart, diagnose and repair, and put it back together better than ever.


When it comes to your employees, if something is wrong, looking the other way is not an option for you.

Take Charge

That’s why, as you’ve noticed employee engagement drifting, productivity slipping, and morale issues damaging customer relationships, you’re the first at your organization to take charge of the situation.

And you’re right to make this a priority.

A modest investment in improving workplace culture can increase annual profits by $2,400 per employee, help with employee retention and reduce recruiting costs by 22%

Workplace Culture

Solutions Team

At Rebel Minds, our Agents of Change have decades of experience tackling the toughest workplace culture and leadership challenges at startups and some of the largest, most mature, businesses in the world.

How this works

Free Consultation

 We’ll get to know your needs, talk you through our approach, confirm a good fit and provide you with inputs you need to make you rdecision.

Forensics Scorecard

We work with your team to unearth hidden (and sometimes stark) obstacles and opportunities to reengage employees and enhance productivity.


We pull from deep and diverse expertise to craft a right-sized plan to help you win back your workforce. The BluePrint is our plan and our promise.

Customer Review


  • It’s amazing the impact these sessions have had. I believe it was the perfect start to the launch of our strategy.
  • The world has a team of superheroes after all!
  • Amazing journey, the past 12 months, every single one of us has changed for the better because of the confidence the program helped us build.

Problems we solve

You have a strategy but the teams don’t understand how they can enable it

You are going through complex change and you need to keep things moving

Your teams are de-motivated

You are growing and you need to build an agile workforce

You are looking for alternatives to source and manage critical talent