Cultural Forensics

We will work with you and your business to truly understand what makes your employees tick, where you are as an organization now and where you aspire to be. Through listening, both to what is being said and remaining unsaid, and by understanding employee behaviour, we will help you create a value proposition for your organization, translate this into achievable cultural imperatives and propose tangible solutions to enable the sustained alignment of the leadership and teams to a common culture.

Leadership Training

We know that your leaders are the key to driving the success of your organization and we can offer leadership training at all levels, from entry level team leader through to your top executives, and through a range of mediums. From facilitating a workshop on leading and influencing through change, an interactive session on leading in a matrix structure, to delivering a comprehensive leadership development program customized to your business strategy and cultural goals, our breadth of experience ensures we will have a solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Coaching Services

Our master coaches will work with you to provide a competitive bespoke coaching package tailored to your needs – at an individual, group or business level. Coaching can be a standalone offering to support key individuals at challenging times, or can be a service that supplements our training delivery, maximizing the learning experience for the participant and translating their key takeaways into actions.

Experiential Learning

We have extensive experience of many methods of classroom-based experiential learning and field-based activity, and can incorporate practical hands-on activity into your learning solutions, customized to your needs.” to “We have extensive experience of many methods of classroom and field-based experiential learning. We can incorporate practical hands-on activity into your learning solutions and customize to your needs.

Learning Technology

We can get you connected and setup with the latest tech in learning. AI, peer lead learning, augmented reality, virtual reality are all becoming leading levers to enhance, upskill and inspire your organization. We have developed partnerships with companies that don’t just talk about this stuff, but deliver! We can scope, design and build an ROI for the introduction of learning tech’ in your business.

World class facilitation

We can offer in person or online facilitation and content delivery in a workshop or keynote style option suited to your needs utilizing world class delivery methods. Our master facilitators have a wealth of experience of delivering highly engaging and impactful learning sessions ranging from small intimate groups to audiences of thousands. Our facilitation experience is unlike anything you are likely to have experienced before and is focused on maximizing participant engagement, interaction, curiosity, self-discovery, development and ultimately positive actionable outcomes.

Webinar design & hosting

We can work with you to design and host powerful and engaging webinars to achieve your desired outcomes. Whether internal training sessions for employees, industry best practice sharing to raise your profile, or product training for clients, we work with you to ensure your impact is amplified. We are expert at remote facilitation and delivery of content. If you have diverse global teams or stakeholders this method of facilitation is often the only way to engage with them but you may have experienced a mixed reaction or passive commitment in the past. Our approach ensures this experience unites and resonates with all participants regardless of culture or learning style.

Learning program design

We have extensive experience of designing learning programs to achieve specific business outcomes. Whether it’s a program to support a cultural transition though merger & acquisition, a program to support leaders in times of significant ambiguity, a talent accelerator program or a leadership development program to ensure continuous ongoing investment and development in your leaders, we have a track record of designing and delivering the right program solution.


Motivate people, Help them see the vision, or make them believe in something greater. We know that sometimes, telling the story effectively is half the challenge. Let us curate, script and if the situation suits it, deliver key note speeches to get your ideas, concepts and messages landed in the way you need them to! If you know what you want to say, we can help you tweak your delivery and message for maximum effectiveness

Talent accelerator programs

If you want to focus on retaining high value employees, supporting your most talented to fulfil their potential and building a pipeline of future leaders in your organization, we can work with you to design, develop and deliver programs to enable this. We can  create a bespoke program of training, experience and high speed learning that focuses on the skills, behaviours, personal and professional growth required to ensure these individuals are ready and equipped to step up into the next role.